I'm a writer, editor, and podcast producer. I’m looking for new opportunities to help shape stories in print and audio, and beyond.

Lately, I’ve been working with Hello Sunshine to produce season one of My Best Break-Up. I’ve also been working with Bloomberg to produce a series about health care innovation called Prognosis. And I’ve been editing scripts for Wondery’s American Innovations podcast.

Previously I worked as a podcast producer at Panoply. While there, I worked on Why Oh Why, When Meghan Met Harry, Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn, Family Ghosts, and Broken Record

Before that, I was a magazine writer and editor. I covered events like SXSW and CES, managed sections of a print magazine, launched a podcast and animated video series, and wrote on topics including business, innovation, architecture, science, and technology. 

You can find me on Twitter (@LindseyKrat) or reach me via email at LindseyKrat[at]gmail[dot]com.